What They're Saying...
"Jim and I leave Thursday for Europe but I could not leave without sending you a note of thanks.  Truly it
was the day of my dreams and you had so much to do with it.  My mom, Jim and I have said so many times
in the past 3 days how great you were.  You thought of everything! "
"Thanks so, so, so much!  Where would I be without you?!"
"The steak that I had for dinner was prepared exactly as it should have been and the staff service was
impeccable. Wine and water glasses were never empty and the meal was served with absolute precision. The
honeymoon suite that we stayed in overlooked Copley Plaza and Kit had scattered rose petals all around. It was
"For anyone who thinks they can pull off the perfect wedding without a coordinator, I beg different. I was
the most organized bride on the face of the planet and yet there were still a million things Kit thought of that
I didn't. She listened to me and my mom in the weeks leading up our wedding – she heard our requests (no
request was too small), she wrote everything down and confirmed everything on the big day. She made sure
that I enjoyed my wedding (even made sure that I ate my dinner) and I am so grateful she was there."

"You certainly are in the right business.  It was the most
well-orchestrated event I've ever attended."
"Must tell you again what a great job you did with the party,
you included everyone!"
"I remember being so impressed with all my vendors. Everyone
gave such an effort and I was so grateful. We put the night in
their hands and they delivered. It was flawless."
kit swan
weddings and events