Planning The Perfect Proposal

You provide the ring,
we provide the plan.
OK,  we can help with the ring, also...
                       “Will You Marry Me?”  

     Who knew four little words would require so much detail and
planning!  Asking the woman of your dreams to marry you can
be a daunting process - As well it should be! This is a guy's one
big moment to shine.  His one chance to shout out,

     "Romantic?" I was born to be romantic!"

     At KSWE, we're all about the love.  We've heard lots and lots
and LOTS of  proposal stories, and we've collected some of the

     How does it work?  Come in for a meeting.  We'll get to
know you, and you'll tell us a few things about your girl.  You
know she wants it to be special, but how do you know what
special is?  I know, we can be a hard breed to figure out
sometimes...  Based on our conversations with you about her, we
will counsel you on a few proposal ideas that your soon-to-be
fiancé will cherish forever.  We can even help you figure out
what kind of ring she wants.  Once our plan is in place, KSWE
will do all of the legwork, and she'll be none the wiser.  

     The moment is yours, and we help you come through with
flying colors.  Now, how you phrase the question is up to you...

just a smile,
she takes
your breath

Isn't it time
you returned
the favor?

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